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Online Therapy, Psychology & Mindhealth

Hi! I’m Hayden, online mind health and human behaviour specialist. 
I help people uncover and transform the root core of their challenges and emotional charges. I work with clients worldwide online.

I teach principles of human behaviour that allow you to understand the “why” behind your behaviour, getting you back in the driver’s seat with your life, priorities, and health.

Through my own journey to health, I was introduced to the incredible tool, The Demartini Method. 
This ground-breaking methodology alongside further studies in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, NLP, and Jungian psychology has led me down the path of what is referred to as “Depth Psychology.”

This approach focuses more on our historic internal challenges, looking to our unconscious mind for the source of our symptoms and mental challenges – balancing any triggers or unconscious associations or beliefs that may have formed across our lifetime.

I have trained and mentored under Dr. John Demartini, who is recognised as the world-leading authority on human behaviour. Facilitating and teaching internationally at his signature program, “The Breakthrough Experience”.

I have since incorporated Dr. Demartini’s ground-breaking methodology and teachings into my own unique style, which I have aptly named “Mind Health.”

My goal is to help you find meaning in your past or present challenges – allowing you to move forward from an expanded sense of self.

Mind health is appropriate for anyone who wishes to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, wishes to increase self-certainty, improve productivity and performance, or simply master their emotions.


My areas of specialty:

  • Identifying Unconscious or “Self-Sabotaging” Behaviours

  • Anxiety, Depression, and Feelings of Overwhelm

  • Past or Present Relationship Challenges

  • Traumatic Events

  • Weight Loss

  • Executive & Performance Coaching

  • Sports Performance

Would you like to know more or make an appointment, feel free to contact me.


Online therapy

Zoom, Skype or Phone/audio consultations available. However you are most comfortable. I do many international clients via zoom, however over lockdown I found that many clients actually preferred audio as it meant they could find a comfortable space or even go for a walk.

Qualifications and registrations

  • Certified Demartini Method Practitioner
  • Certified NLP Practitioner
  • CBT training



Identifying Unconscious or “Self-Sabotaging” Behaviours

Identify any hidden and unconscious actions you may have been acting out.
Once brought conscious, we will dissolve any unwanted associations and relink your new goals and desired actions. This process also works effectively for addictive behaviours.

Anxiety, Depression, and Feelings of Overwhelm

Discover the root cause and triggers of your anxiety.
Learn the tools to balance your perceptions and bring yourself down from future emotional states. Learn how depression is more than a biochemical imbalance and is actually offering you feedback about your life.

Past or Present Relationship Challenges

Let go of painful memories and transform your current health and perception.
Learn how to dissolve resentment or infatuations with others so they no longer dominate space and time in your mind.

Traumatic Events

It is not what happens to us but how we perceive it. I will show you how to find meaning and balance any moments of perceived trauma throughout your life. Let go of the remaining emotions, guilt, or depression.

Weight Loss

Psychology, the forgotten component of sustainable weight loss.
Uncover what previously-unconscious associations have been driving your behaviours and relationship with food. Learn the mental tools to transform your health and body.


Executive & Performance Coaching

This may include clarifying your purpose, career goals, or objectives, learning the psychology behind wealth building or resolving any personal conflicts or mental distractions keeping you from being your most productive self.

Sports Performance

If you are an athlete or sportsperson who wants to achieve at the highest possible level, then you will need to equally master the mental game.
If you have the physical skills and are performing in the moment, present and focused, you will win. If you are distracted by emotions, competitors, or what is happening in your personal life, you are limiting your potential.



$200 per session


Reviews Online Therapy, Psychology & Mindhealth

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Hayden was great

Hayden was great, his methods of teaching has allowed me to be much more self aware of my unique set of values giving me much more freedom and clarity to pursue what I really want and being unapologetic as to what others may think which is very liberating.

| Nelson city | 12 Jan 2022
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The sessions were so valuable to me

Hayden's sessions were absolutely so valuable to me. They helped me reconstruct my thought process with many aspects of my life for the better.

Hayden is incredibly thorough and makes you feel extremely comfortable and confident when talking and dealing with 'the big stuff'. Thanks Hayden😀

| Auckland | 27 Sep 2021
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Highly recommend signing up with Hayden

Highly recommend signing up with Hayden. Hayden is easy to communicate with and he listens to your thoughts and needs with no judgement. Very approachable and nothing is a problem as he helps you to work towards your goals.

| 2 Dec 2021
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Back in the drivers seat of my life

Hayden's committed to helping people become the best versions of themselves through Mind Health. He will educate and empower you to tackle your goals with enthusiasm and put you back in the drivers seat of your life.

| 2 Feb 2021
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