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Philip | Counsellor - Family therapist

Counsellor - Family therapist - Auckland - Philip
Counselling Highland Park - Auckland
47 Aviemore Drive - Highland Park
2010 Auckland
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Counselling Highland Park - Auckland

Feeling distressed from a current or past relationship ?


Look no further.  As an experienced Counsellor and Family Therapist my expertise is to provide a healing and growth container where we can be and explore your emotions and ultimately work towards empowering solutions.


The space I provide combined with my therapeutic knowledge and supportive frameworks around communication and self care is designed to give you what you need to make major life changes and live a life of greater empowerment and wellbeing.



Care, integrity, and professionalism

To expand on the short introduction I can tell you that I stand for care, integrity, and professionalism in my work.  My in person and online sessions, as well as online programs are designed to take you on a therapeutic journey to significantly improve your life.


I love to help people in my work and am always seeking to help more.  


I offer packages of sessions at discounted rates where we can really go deep into the issue at hand and create sustained progress. If you do not wish to pay in full outright we can discuss an easy pay option which will work for you.


If you're not ready for a package of sessions and would like a taster of what it is like to work with me I can offer you a one time session to start with whereas we can go into the issue at hand and can create a plan and tailor made package offer for you at the end.  I also have a digital program available which also gives a great feeling for my work and can help you to start making changes in fundamental areas.  

If you want to know more or make an appointment, feel free to contact me.


Online therapy


Qualifications and registrations

  • Certificate in Counselling Skills 
  • Diploma in the Theory and Practice of Counselling (2008)
  • BA (Hons) Combined Studies (Psychology) (2001)




My fee is:


  • $150 per 55 minutes session of individual counselling with 10 minutes added on to discuss best way forward.  One time only
  • $160 for couples.  Same conditions.
  • $1400 for package of 10 sessions for individual.  Easy pay option available.
  • Couples packages can be discussed after first session to find best fit.

    All sessions are non refundable

Availability (Opening hours)

Monday 9am - 8pm
Tuesday 9am - 8pm
Wednesday 9am - 8pm
Thursday 9am - 8pm
Friday 9am - 5pm
Saturday -
Sunday -


Reviews Counselling Highland Park - Auckland

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A wonderful, passionate and caring person

I've found Phil to be a wonderful, passionate and caring person. He's quite holistic in his approach and always ready to expand his already excellent skills and knowledge of the profession.
Also highly recommended for LGBT people!

| Auckland | 31 Jan 2024
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I highly recommend Phil as a relationship and personal counselor

I highly recommend Phil as a relationship and personal counselor. He stands out in his field for having genuine empathy and a respectful client relationship style. He offers sound and practical advice.

| Auckland | 31 Jan 2024
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Phil is a dedicated and professional counsellor

Phil is a dedicated and professional counsellor, he is great at listening, feeding back and giving good advice.

| Auckland | 31 Jan 2024
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Read the interview with Philip below.


1. Where is your practice (office) located?

Zoom sessions are always available.

Sessions my phone are available (you call me at agreed time).

2. What life events have been important to you?

Studying a degree with a major in Psychology ending in 2001 which set the educational foundation for me in my career helping others.


Completing my Counselling diploma in 2008.


Immigrating to New Zealand in 2009 and building my life here.

Completing my first marathon in 2013.  

Meeting my partner in 2021 and now working at constantly creating a happy family life.

3. Why did you become a counsellor / therapist?

I studied Psychology as a major subject and graduated in 2001.  I had always been an empathic person and enjoyed connecting with people and wanted to know more about what makes us tick.


The following year I actually had a lot of personal therapy which really helped me to ground my life and to create a vision around being a Therapist and helping others the same as I'd been helped.

I feel aligned and custom built for this work.

4. What do you like the most about being a counsellor/therapist?
I think it's amazing how even such seemingly small and simple things can make such a huge difference.  I love to see how people have been able to get greater touch with their emotions and get a sense of who they are and to make more empowered actions and make changes.  It's beautiful to see the emegence of a more empowered, peaceful and happy person from the person I originally met.

5. What is your most remarkable experience as a counsellor/therapist?
If I'm truly honest there isn't one remarkable experience.  Every person I see has their own challenges to work with and to overcome.  It's the general shift of being able to support someone to go to that deeper empathic level within themselves and to activate change which is everything which makes my work worthwhile to me.



1. What was your most pleasant moment today/yesterday?
Today has been walking out to the marina near where I live.  I feel constantly blessed to live in such a beautiful country and to be able to walk out and by a beach most mornings.  It makes me feel incredibly grateful for my life and being here.

2. How do you see yourself in 5 years? And in 10 years?
I see myself continuously finding more innovative ways to help people and to promote change.  I love Counselling and also love to write around mental health and wellness so I aim to continue growing these and possibly develop my writing into new areas.  On a Counselling level I will likely create new programs and offers and work to expand my influence in this area any way I can.

3. What are your hobbies? What do you do in your free time?
Walks to the marina,  working out at the gym, going on dates with my partner, watching shows, movies.  Spending time with family and extended family.

4. What makes you happy?
As above.

5. Do you have a partner and/or family?
Yes I have a partner and am in a repartnered family.  I am also a very committed Uncle.

6. Have you ever had therapy / counselling yourself? What was your experience?
Yes it was incredible.

7. What other occupation would you have liked, if you hadn't become a counsellor / therapist?
I feel so aligned to Counselling that it's hard to see.  I've never so much been someone who thinks of other occupations necessarily.  I guess related fields could have been possible if I hadn't had my particular personal experience of having therapy.  Maybe teaching, social work.  In the past I did a lot of support work and still now do casual work as a Psychiatric Assistant.  More of these could have been possible.



1. Who inspires you?
I have learned over the years that inspiration can be a damaging drug sometimes letting us feel a certain way and not actually igniting our own growth to follow.  I see life now a bit more like actual mentors who help us to move forward in a certain way to emulate parts of who they are into our own lives.  The person I did a lot of therapy with 'Amanda Ferguson' did this for me and as I work to build my Counselling business for greater impact Coaches who have helped me and are becoming more renowned are Henare O Brien and Kate Ruby Aroha.

2. Books you recommend?
I think relevant to this conversation and about therapy I'd like to mention a Therapy book called Set Yourself Free by Shirley Smith.  I remember the way it discussed shame and family dynamics to be really insightful.  I still think about it's content now 20 years after I read it.  It's a great reflection point for someone having therapy in the niche I help with.

3. Your favourite film and why?
I maybe don't have an actual favourite if I'm honest but an easy answer to the question I always give is Back to the future.  I always loved time travel as an idea and it always connected with me as a kid.  I still occasionally watch it and still really enjoy it.

4. Your favourite quote?
The only educated person is the one who has learned how to grow and change. Carl Rogers

5. What is your mission?
To help people to heal inner distress and build better relationships.

6. What is your superpower?
My empathy and intuition.

7. Top tip for happiness?
I have to reject this question as I don't think it's helpful.  Feel what you're feeling.  If you don't feel happy then be with this and explore why it may be and reach out if you need to.

Counsellor - Family therapist - Auckland - Philip

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