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Anxiety Counselling Online NZ

Online anxiety counselling with Brenda: Although I'm specialised in anxiety and stress, I have also experience working with anger management, depression, substance use, parenting,  relationships, self-esteem, grief. I offer help online with skype. 


I am an intuitive counsellor and offer a safe place for personal exploration on the way to a more fulfilling life. 
Stress can create a build-up of worry and fear that temporarily affects the brain, often resulting in negative emotions and patterns of behaviour that have helped us through tough times but do not serve us in the longer term. 
Lasting change comes when we can leave behind these outmoded ways to live more authentically, in tune with our true selves. Exploring your psychological, behavioural and physiological patterns helps to form new neural pathways that reconnect with your innate strength, knowledge of self and sense of purpose. 

Through a trusting therapeutic partnership, you can construct a scaffold for managing the ups and downs of daily life.



Experience with people

I have extensive experience working with people, first as a journalist and communications consultant and now as a qualified counsellor.


I take a strengths-based approach, which recognises that you are the expert in your own life, with skills and capabilities developed over a lifetime. This is the starting point for our work together – harnessing those strengths to build self-awareness, confidence, emotional balance and resilience.


I have worked in brief intervention, specialising in anxiety, and in general counselling using a variety of methods including mindfulness techniques, which can help restore calm and focus to daily life. I use a variety of methods, including brief solution-focused therapy and narrative therapy, to help individuals build self-awareness, confidence, emotional balance and resilience. 

Confidential sessions are tailored to each person’s aspirations and goals, and many people find that just a few meetings are enough to bring about permanent change. 




$80 per session, or $60 for unemployed or concession card holders.


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