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Dawn Nolan | Psychotherapist

130 Percival Street
7400 Rangiora
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Therapy Rangiora

Hi, I'm Dawn.


I am passionate about working closely with people in a safe therapeutic environment to support them to achieve mental well being and enrich their relationships. 


Many of the people I work with are looking for connection, understanding and positive change. 


Whether you experience low mood and negative thoughts, have a history of trauma or need to develop new coping strategies, overcoming obstacles to well being often starts by developing positive interpersonal relationships and learning the value of being kind to yourself.   

You know that feeling when someone just gets you?

Well...  with a grounding in humanistic therapy, that is what I aim to offer you; a genuine therapeutic relationship founded in acceptance and truly accurate empathy.  


As an accredited Interpersonal Psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer I bring together the necessary skills and personal qualities to provide evidence based therapy with a compassionate, relaxed, approachable style to support you with positive change. 


If you would like to know more, contact me for an informal initial conversation and find out whether I fit your bill.  It costs nothing to ask the question.


Common Issues

Common issues that people bring to therapy include:


  • Anxiety
  • Depression and Mood Disorders
  • Difficulties with Self-Esteem
  • Grief, Loss or Bereavement


  • Life or Role Transitions
  • Loneliness
  • Negative or Dark Thoughts
  • Post-Traumatic Stress


  • Relationship Difficulties
  • Self-harming
  • Stress Management


Whilst your experiences are unique to you, you are not alone.



Individual psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy is a joint process between client and therapist.  I believe in keeping it real, and aim to help you to feel comfortable and confident to work openly in therapy.  I have a relaxed and easy style, that is truly empathic, accepting and genuine.  


A solid therapeutic relationship along with your commitment and desire for change are the key elements to successful therapy.


Working with me as a therapist will give you the opportunity to lay out problems as you see them.  I will listen without judgement and support you to consider alternative perspectives, coping mechanisms and ways of communicating your needs to others.  


Choosing a therapist that you can connect with is essential. 


I understand the first step on your road to recovery is finding someone you feel comfortable with and can trust. 


If you are feeling curious about my style and what it may be like to work with me please feel free to contact me.  You can call or email to book a free 15 minute consultation for us to get to know one another and, for you to ask as many questions as you like.



Couples therapy

Good relationships are clearly linked to mood & wellbeing. Couples therapy provides a safe space to find your voice and enable you to understand the needs of your partner.


Interpersonal psychotherapy is an evidenced based therapy that works on the premise that you are more likely to achieve and maintain wellness if you have healthy relationships.  

Healthy relationships depend on good communication that enables you to express your needs clearly without blame or criticism. 


Often relationship difficulties arise when our expectations are not understood, we may think our partner should know what we want, but sometimes they don't seem to get it. 


It may be things have changed and the relationship has not adjusted, or trust has been tested.   


In couples therapy you will be able to talk about your needs and have the opportunity to hear what your partner's needs are in an atmosphere of calm, where understanding and negotiation replace blame and anger.  



About me

After spending much of my life in rural Shropshire, my husband and two daughters and I made the bold decision to move to the beautiful Canterbury Plains. For me, keeping balance is an important part of maintaining a sense of wellbeing. 


Feeling the soil of the garden in my hands, being soothed by the comforting buzz of my bee hives, and chatting to a good friend, trotting along in the countryside are my ways to unwind and be in the moment.


Starting in the world of business and teaching I enjoyed working with students, but came to realise my true interest was in working with people on a deeper level, understanding the complexities of human minds and interpersonal relationships, and supporting people to find their own way.


With that in mind I trained as a psychiatric nurse at The Royal Shrewsbury College.  It was here I began extending my training in a number of psychological modalities.


After moving to New Zealand I studied Interpersonal Psychotherapy through Otago University and after completing my masters I became an accredited therapist, trainer and supervisor with the International Society of Interpersonal Psychotherapists and a clinical tutor for Interpersonal Psychotherapy at Otago University's School of Psychological Medicine.


Much of my work in New Zealand has been with the DHB's Rural Mental Health team. I have loved working in the rural community with clients and their families, and developing supportive relationships with rural GP's, schools and networks of community organisations who provide so many valuable services. 


My private practice is on a quiet leafy street in Rangiora, enabling me to offer therapeutic services in North Canterbury, a place where my heart lies.   


Now you know something of me, I would love get you know you and together inspire you in your own goals for change.




Qualifications and registrations

  • Interpersonal Psychotherapy - Otago University


  • Training in a number of psychological modalities including Rogerian Client Centred Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Milan Family Therapy, Moreno Psychodrama and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.


  • Trained as a psychiatric nurse at The Royal Shrewsbury College


  • I have also enjoyed extending my range of psychotherapeutic interventions by training in Motivational Interviewing, Non-Violent Communication, Critical Incident Stress Management and more recently EMDR for trauma in adults, groups and children.


  • I joined the Child, Adolescent and Family Specialist Mental Health Service in North Canterbury.  



  • Registered Mental Health Nurse 
  • UK training in TA, Milan Family Therapy, Rogerian Client Centered Therapy, Moreno Psychodrama, Gestalt, Transactional Analysis & CBT training through NHS training programmes and under mentorship. 
  • Cert Teaching Adult Learning (am not a registered teacher in New Zealand) But teach for CDHB, Otago Uni, previously for ARA MHERC NGO sector and community organisations - more info on website
  • PGCert Interpersonal Psychotherapy
  • PGDip Mental Health, endorsed Interpersonal Psychotherapy
  • MHSc, endorsed mental health, research topic Interpersonal Psychotherapy
  • Motivational Interviewing - Bill Miller, Joel Porter
  • Role Theory Clinical Supervision - Mike Consedine. Reflective Supervision, Margaret Morrell
  • Non Violent Communication - NVC Aotearoa
  • CBT & MI refreshers with CDHB
  • EMDR Stage 1, R-Tep, G-Tep, Child & Adolescent - leading to  work do with Mosque Victims offering psychological first aid in first four weeks with CDHB, followed by EMDR G-Tep during 1st year with EMDR Institute NZ
  • Planning stage II in October. 
  • Clinical supervisor refreshers with Jumpstart Christchurch




  • EMDR stage 1 - EMDR Institute NZ
  • Interpersonal Psychotherapist, IPT Clinical Supervisor, IPT Tutor - International Society Interpersonal Psychotherapists (ISIPT)


Public & Professional liability insurance up to date.



Current Employment other than private work - 

  • Otago Uni - Clinical Tutor Interpersonal Psychotherapy
  • Otago Uni - Student counsellor Reg programme (just getting processed for this)
  • CDHB Child Family and Adolescent Specialist Mental Health Services. Nurse Therapist
  • CDHB - Tutor talking therapies programme


1. Individual Psychotherapy

Discover a deeper understanding of your feelings, thoughts, and behaviour. Address life's challenges and improve relationships


2. Couples Therapy

Good relationships are clearly linked to mood & wellbeing. Couples therapy provides a safe space to find your voice and enable you to understand the needs of your partner.


3. Supervision

Individual or Group Professional Supervision provided by an experienced Certified Clinical Supervisor 


Therapy should be viewed as an investment in you.  It might 'go against the grain' to prioritise your own needs, but only you can do that for yourself, and you deserve it. 


Sessions are usually on hour long


Individual therapy: $150

Couples therapy: $150

Individual Supervision: $120


I have a limited number of slots at reduced rates for clients in financial hardship


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