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Liam Butler | Social Worker, OCP Employee Assistance

Social Worker Kaikoura

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Social Worker Kaikoura

OCP Employee Assistance, ACC, MSD, ISSC sensitive claims, private clients in Kaikoura.

I also spend a couple of days a week

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I'm a community based Social Worker.  I provide a comprehensive range of Social Work services. If you would benefit from counselling or linking to other health professionals I will help you quickly find the right service for you.  I am always happy to respond to a quick email to discuss what social supports would be a good match based on needs no matter how complex.


I can help provide:


  • OCP Employee Assistance Counselling Free of charge, 100% confidential-Please check first with your workplace or organisation if they use OCP for their employee assistance.
  • ACC funded social work including training for independence plans and pain clinic work
  • ACC funded sensitive claims social work
  • MSD social work funded under the disability allowance for counselling
  • Private practice social work 
  • Research, support and advocacy pertaining to all health related matters.

I am able to provide you and your family with a supportive and understanding, confidential relationship for you to discuss any personal matters that may concern you.  My social work focuses on your strengths and is task focused.


Qualifications and registrations

  • Registered Full Member Social Worker SWRB
  • Member ANZASW
  • Dip Social Work
  • ACC Provider
  • MSD Agent
  • ISSC Sensitive Claims accredited.
  • OCP Employee Assistance Counsellor
  • Bachelor of Commerce and Management.
  • Masters of Commerce and Management with Honors




A to Z of how my ACC, MSD & privately funded Social Work can help you or your client…
A is for Accommodation 
Find, fund and help ensure that it remains sustainable and safe.   
B is for Benefits 
Application for Disability Allowance, Temporary Additional Support etc.   
C is for cars 
ACC 250 Request for Travel Costs, seek funding if modifications or maintenance required  for cars that are needed due to the disability or recovery process. 
D is for dependents 
Link to relevant social service providers, linking in with cheap healthcare.    
E is for Employee Assistance for OCP 
Counselling Free of charge, 100% confidential  
F is for Food 
Links to Food Banks and Food Grants MSD that may be able to help pay for food if the client is a low income or a benefit.   
G is for Groceries 
Links to Budget Advice for planning   
H is for Heating 
MSD request for extra funding for heating, liaise with Landlords   
I is for I sight :} 
Glasses funded by MSD, liaison with ophthalmologists.    
J is for Jolly 
Links and engagement with social opportunities based on interests and abilities (e.g. Brain injury association groups or reading groups)   
K is for Kinesiology 
Links to health professionals and providers that can be co funded under Green Prescription or NMDHB or private funding   
L is for Lunch 
Links to day shared meals throughout the Nelson Marlborough region where clients can participate in meal preparation or simply enjoy some company.   
M is for Tikanga Māori 
Helping work out a wide range health and well-being issues— culture, custom, ethic, etiquette, formality, lore, manner, meaning, mechanism, method, protocol, links to Maori Heath Services throughout the region.  
N is for negotiating with stakeholders
Help clients liaise with Medical Secretaries etc ensure paperwork is completed and obligations are met e.g. adherence to court orders if that will help them meet their goals.   
O is for openings 
Help clients look for work if that is part of their goals in the plan.   
P is for Prison 
Liaison with Department of Corrections, Courts and Polices about fines, curfews, trespass and Protection Orders etc.   
Q is for Qualitative and Quantitative 
Research Possible funding and options based on client’s plan’s needs.  E.g other funding for care and welfare.   
R is for Rent and Rates Guarantees from MSD, Housing NZ, Private Rentals Liaison with Councils for Rates Rebates visits to clients homes and smaller recycle bins etc.   
S is for sensitive claims 
Working with the skilled teams at SVS living safe and The Nelson Clinic.   
T is for Telephone 
Apply to MSD if a Telephone is needed.   
U is for urgent 
Liaison with MCT or Social Workers at Emergency Department. 
V is for Vehicle
Support OT and Physio if client has vehicle goals in plan.   
W is for Water 
Support client with Green Prescription for discounted Gym and Swims  
X is for x ray 
Link and support clients to understand criteria for receiving health services   
Y is for yoga 
Activities that can be funded by MSD if GP agrees on Disability Allowance   
Z is for zzz's 
Support to access respite care-a healthy part of giving care. 

Most common issues I support people with:

Liaison with MSD
Liaison with ACC
Liaison with DHB's 
Liaison with PHO's
Advocacy with government departments, non government departments and health and wellbeing social service providers.


  • ACC and MSD clients are funded by  ACC and MSD.


  • Private clients $120 per session.


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