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Life Coach Wanaka

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Life Coach Wanaka

My name is Tanya.

I offer one-on-one coaching online or in person. This one-on-one coaching focuses on addressing issues or problems you might have that are holding you back and preventing you from living your life fully.

I'm qualified to offer structured coaching, with sessions designed to be outcome-focused, offering strategies that create lasting change from the very first meeting.

Get in touch today to transform your life and unlock your infinite possibility.

I have been taking on massive challenges in the ultra-running space for the last 5 years. I understand challenges and the mindset it takes to overcome them.

I have always been fascinated by human potential and the power of the mind. Completing a degree in Psychology and Education in 2012 I have continued my education with my passion for optimising human performance.

Over the last 10 years, I have developed a wealth of knowledge and skills that I have applied both on and off the trails, and that I shares with clients to get them

Current work
I am an empowerment and general life coach. I launched my coaching business in 2022. I share my passion and skills with women through empowerment coaching and adventures.

I have always been interested in why we do what we do, this led to the completion of a Psychology degree. After many intervening years testing different tools and methodologies I have chosen to focus on Neural Coding, Positive Psychology, and Mindfulness, as the most effective tools for positive change.


I use these tools, and the wisdom of our combined life experiences to help empower clients to create lasting change.


With an extensive coaching toolbox, I am able to work with a range of people across industries and settings to help people live their best lives.

Would you like to know more or make an appointment? feel free to contact me.


Online therapy

Online coaching is super easy!  We use google meet and catch up at a time that works for you.  Ideally, I'd love to see your face when we catch up, but if you don't have video capacity we can work with that too.

Qualifications and registrations

Bachelor of Art, Double Major Psychology and  Education
NLP Practitioner
Time Line Therapy Practitioner


What is Life Coaching - the Neural coding way?

Neural coding is not your average therapy.

We won't be climbing deep into your past problems and reliving them all over again.

We will look at where you are vs. where you want to be, and then use a range of tools to get you there.

You can come to coaching curious, and knowing that these methodologies work - often when others have failed.
This is not heavy therapy! This is empowering and sets you up to live your best life.
Yes it will be messy, and it will challenge you, but if you're ready for the change, then the change is ready for you.

What to expect:

- Know that we can create massive change in specific issues in up to 3 sessions.

- We can also work together for an extended period of 6 -12 months if you are looking for a full life transformation. You will be fully immersed in transformation and will learn the tools to tackle anything life throws at you!

Most common issues I support people with:

The most common issues I work with are:

  • General unhappiness with life: work, relationships, community, sense of self - life just feels hard and heavy
  • Stress and overwhelm: Anxiety, burnout - feeling like life is all too much
  • Life direction: What is your superpower? Let's find purpose and direction
  • Thought work: It all starts with your thoughts, learn to become the master of your brain
  • Overcoming fear: Life starts when you can step into the unknown and face fear and learn to overcome it
  • Achieving massive goals: we can even figure these goals out if you don't know what they are yet


Short term: $150 / session - recommended three sessions for specific issues to be resolved. 

- To save our in-session time for transformation you will fill in a questionarie prior to our first session of short term coaching outlining the change you want to acheive.

Long term*: $1,800 6 months, 12 sessions $3,500 12 months, 24 sessions.

Consult Call: For long term coaching I offer a FREE 60 min consult call to see if  we are a good fit.

*Long term coaching comes with a money back gaurantee. You will experience massive transformation or your money back - it's risk free.


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