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Helen Boardman | Counsellor

School Road
3010 Rotorua
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Counselling Rotorua

I have been a counsellor in private practice since 2008. Prior to that I worked as a radiographer while studying towards my counselling degree. 

Following my training, I worked part-time in counsellor education for several years. I also currently volunteer for a local community centre which provides practical and relational support to people who need it. 


My focus is on connecting with people and understanding each person within the wider context of their lives, supporting them in holistic ways to find solutions and develop new possibilities for their lives.


While I work mainly with adults I also relate easily with children and adolescents and enjoy helping people of all ages to meet the challenges they face at different life stages.



Counselling as a bridge

I believe in the ability and resources of people to be the expert in their own lives and find ways to get to the other side of difficult times provided they are able to access the support they need at the time.


Sometimes when life becomes hard though, we lose sight of the way to do this and need a helping hand to get reconnected with ourselves and our strengths and also with those who can walk with us and support us.


I see counselling as being like a bridge between what life is like now for you and what it could be like in the not too distant future.



Types of issues

Some of the areas I offer counselling in are:


  • Abuse 
  • Anger management and assertiveness
  • Anxiety


  • Depression
  • Dealing with chronic or terminal illness and disability 


  • Grief
  • Life changes
  • Stress 
  • Spiritual issues 


  • Trauma
  • Sexual abuse (Not ACC accredited)
  • Work/life balance



Practical info

Fees: $80.00 per session
Registrations and accreditations: NZAC


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