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EFT International


EFT International

EFT International  is committed to advancing and upholding the highest standards for education, training, professional development and promotion of the skilful, creative and ethical application of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques or "Tapping") worldwide.


Below you can find an overview of counsellors in New Zealand who are a member of EFT International.


Therapists and counsellors

EFT-therapist-Lower Hutt
Lower Hutt
Maya Hammarsal | EFT-therapist
Lower Hutt
Therapy Lower Hutt, 6A Mahina Road - Mahina Bay, 5013, Lower Hutt

I help you to have balance and well-being as you go from a place of surviving to thriving!

Using a range of therapeutic modalities, tailored to your individual needs, I work with you to gain insight into your: problems, emotional distress, limiting beliefs and habits, unhelpful desires and fears.

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