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Christopher | Coach | Counsellor | Healing Practitioner

Coach | Counsellor | Healing Practitioner - Christchurch - Christopher
Life/Work Balance Coaching for Self Employed Dad’s
3D Wise St - Addington , Unit 4
8024 Christchurch
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Life/Work Balance Coaching for Self Employed Dad’s

Christopher – COACH & COUNSELLOR

Mental health – Wellbeing – Business – Relationship & family life

Are you struggling to find balance, joy, or success amongst the demands and responsibilities of supporting your family, maintaining your relationship, being self-employed, managing staff, and trying to attend to your own mental health and well being?

If you are reading this then you are likely experiencing some of the following:

  • Feeling distant, disconnected, and losing motivation

  • High stress levels and/or bringing your work home too much

  • Busy mind or overthinking 

  • Struggling to get out of bed in the morning

  • Arguing or lack of communication and connection with your spouse

  • Missing your kids

  • Dealing with a drinking problem or other addiction issue in some way on some level. E.g. longing for Friday drinks to roll around, but this often turns into a weekend bender

  • Struggling with mental health, wellbeing, or health issues

  • Overwhelmed by your to do list. Often automatically opting for the quick tasks and procrastinating over the bigger more challenging stuff.

  • Struggling to feel productive. Finding yourself stop starting tasks losing direction, focus, and flow through your day

  • Struggling to delegate finding yourself working in the business too much rather than on your business. 

  • Not making enough profit 

  • Friends and hobbies falling by the wayside

  • Some of this, all of this, or even more, can overall lead to making us feel ….

anxious, stuck, stressed, confused, overwhelmed, unbalanced, frustrated or angry, sad or alone, or low energy?

If you identify with feeling any of those you may well be at a loss with where to start? Or maybe you are at a point of starting to feel a subtle decline in balance, flow, or energy … 

–– Either way the next step is to reach out for support! Because with all that you hold it can be a lonely journey.


–– I know how you feel!

–– After a short time of getting to know your situation and struggles I will be able to help you to destress, reconnect, refocus, revive, and get back on track.


Support. Guidance. Tools and Techniques.
Be more grounded, connected, balanced, and present – with yourself, family and relationship, and work.

I’ll help you gain insight into negative coping patterns that have formed around stress, overwhelm, and experiences from your past. These coping patterns may have served you to a point but now the negative consequences are getting louder! Find your way back to connection and clarity which leads to better decisions and building positive habits and routines. 

I will empower you with tools and practices to cultivate deeper self-awareness and make it easier to access your own answers:

  • Breathing exercises and techniques to help you relax and release deeper tension, connect, calm the mind and nervous system, and access more energy.

  • Worksheets to help you process challenging feelings and repeating patterns.

  • Mindfulness/Meditation practices.

  • Education on the nature of mental health, self-care and wellbeing.

  • How to elevate your core needs and how to respond to gaps in your self-care and wellbeing.  

  • How to generate more energy.

  • Develop consistent routines that reduce stress and increase flow, efficiency, productivity – and support a healthy life/work balance.

  • Improve communication at home and at work.

  • How to deal with confrontation.

  • How to effectively respond and support yourself with anxiety, overwhelm, or depression. 

  • Tools to rebalance overthinking.

  • Time management for creating more quality time with loved ones and ensure work is as profitable as it can be (time is money and your time and energy is the foundation of your business).

  • Education and support around addiction.

  • Setting and keeping boundaries.

  • And more

My Approach
Some coaching or therapeutic approaches rely heavily on using tools and practicing in an external sense that are promised to FIX your problems. For me, the deeper personal work

Is not about FIXING – it’s about knowing how to RESPOND to stress and pressure, anxiety and overwhelm, relationship issues and loneliness – and the more you practice using the tools and pausing to reconnect, the faster you start RESPONDING – this is what really makes the difference! Some issues will need to be addressed and fixed. These tend to be the practical stuff and I can help you to identify these or offer new ideas on how to do so (I have a lot of practical experience supporting family, and running a household and business). 

With all that you are struggling with you are probably being very hard on yourself in different ways – learning how to and practicing being kinder to yourself is also very important – without that it is impossible to turn negative patterns around.

All sounds straightforward right! But no, of course it is easier said than done – this is where coaching comes in …

I will hold a presence and guide you into using tools and practices that will allow you to soften, ground and reconnect back into self – enabling you to feel like you have space to breathe again, start to realise your deeper needs, access your own answers, and see a way forward.



Sharper Focus. Clearer Goals.

A lot of us Dad’s running businesses or being self employed tend to get very bogged down by our do-to-list. This can have us running in circles or jumping between tasks which is exhausting.

Your focus needs to be on maintaining a solid connection with yourself and the energy you hold to support everyone who relies on you - The strength, flow and consistency of ‘energy you hold’ is just as important or more important than how many ‘things you are getting done’! Again, the tools and practices I will help you to learn and implement will both help you to understand how this really works and maintain your energy.  

Once your foundation has been stablised you will have renewed energy and clarity to reflect and reset goals. Goal setting sessions or evaluating your progress can be a fun and exciting process once you have your foundation set.


Enjoy Greater Life/Work Balance, Wellbeing, and Success.

Benefits of Doing the Work.


Here are some examples of what I experience with people through the coaching journey:

  • Cultivate consistent routines that support sustainable energy, guide your focus, and help maintain a healthy life/work balance. 

  • Embrace the parts of Self that have felt afraid, broken, or limited–to discover that those parts have the potential to be some of your greatest teachers.

  • Find a natural balance between heart and head–accessing one's own answers through cultivating a depth of self awareness and a greater resource of energy from within. 

  • Able to be more grounded and present amongst day-to-day demands and busyness.

  • Learn to live authentically and courageously with all aspects of ourselves–and for men this includes our sensitivity and vulnerability.

  • Enjoy a happier, healthier, fulfilling life–from a loving relationship with Self, building healthy and balanced personal and professional relationships, and taking solid steps towards positive change and realising one’s goals/dreams.

Why Work With Me
My core focus is to help others to reconnect and find balance to support a happier, healthier, purpose-driven, and heart-centred life. My approach works with the whole person to realign heart and mind–body and soul. I help my clients find the courage, trust, and strength to turn things around.

I bring a unique blend of consulting, coaching, therapeutic, and teaching expertise in the areas of relationship, family, mental health, wellbeing, and business or work life. I offer more than life coaching. I can support you with mental health and wellbeing in a very deep and professional way. If needed, you will have the opportunity to dive deep into old negative patterns that have been holding you back–this becomes a game charger when trying to realise a greater life/work balance.

My Background and Experience
Born in Christchurch I am in my mid 40’s. I enjoy life with my partner and two boys. Making the most of our beautiful outdoors I love surfing, golfing, tramping, gardening, cooking, and working on being the best version of myself I can be.

I am a trained counsellor (with certificate in trauma informed therapy) and healing practitioner.

Also trained in Fine Arts, Graphic Design, and Maori Art History. I have previous work experience in the industry of design, marketing, and web–this is where my coaching experience started as I moved into brand and marketing consulting which naturally went into personal/life coaching and business coaching. I have worked with a wide range of businesses over the years.

In my younger days I worked with children teaching organic gardening in schools. 




Online therapy

I offer sessions in person and by phone or video call (ZOOM).

Qualifications and registrations

Intuitive Counselling (body/mind focused modality)
One Spirit Energy Healing
Trauma Informed Therapy Certificate


Most common issues I support people with:

Life/Work balance coaching. Anxiety, depression, anger, grief and loss, trauma/abuse, burnout, relationship issues, family life/parenting issues, cancer, anxiety in children, spiritual and personal growth, finding purpose and fulfillment in life, ADHD, bipolar, autoimmune disorders, addiction.



$150 per 1 hour coaching/counselling session
Includes follow up email with notes to help stay focused between sessions

Packages also available


Availability (Opening hours)

Monday 1:30pm - 5.30pm
Tuesday 9:30am - 5.00pm
Wednesday Online only
Thursday 2:30pm - 6.30pm
Friday Online only
Saturday -
Sunday -


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