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My husband cheated on me

One month ago I found out via the neighbors that my husband is cheating on me. We are together for 21 years now and somewhere along the way I lost him and I didn't notice. Now I am in a grieving process.

Try to get answers, would like to have his love for me acknowledged and sometimes I'm also angry why did he do this and why didn't he try to solve it together with me.

He is very confused now, angry, sad. Would like to go on with me and look at the future, but I am not ready for that. He cannot support my with my grief and I cannot support him in his sadness because he is so confused. We have a time out now. All tips are welcome.


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That must be very tough for you and for you two together.

When you don't manage it by yourself I would advice you to talk to a therapist. That can create a lot of space.

Also check the tips on this website. I'm sure there's somewhere there that can help you.


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