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I am afraid to fail

I am always afraid, always afraid to fail. When I do something wrong at home, my parents always say: you are good for nothing, you are stupid etc..

I always feel so worthless... I also always think I might as well die, better live in heaven. But my parents are normally very sweet and they always say I am the prettiest girl. But at school they helped my very often with this fear of failing but it doesn't have any effect on me and I just driv myself crazy..


In class I always think about how much time the teachers spend.. they shouldn't... I am anyway worthless and a waste of time..

Plz tips on how I can feel better


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What a pity you often have those feelings. You are probably a lot nicer than you think you are.

On this website are many tips about fear of failure. Maybe there is something there that can support you.

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