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Jessica | Life & Relationship Coach

Life & Relationship Coach - New Plymouth - Jessica
Life Coach New Plymouth
36 Devon St. W; Kings Building; 2nd Level
4310 New Plymouth
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Life Coach New Plymouth

My name is Jessica. 
I am a life and relationship coach in New Plymouth offering individual and relationship coaching.

We are on a profound human journey.  This means there are times that feel up and times that feel down and it's all part of it. :)

Most of us prefer to experience more highs than lows. I've noticed that part of what assists people, myself included, in getting more alignment and expansion in life is co-creating a safe space where I can show up as I am and know that's welcome.  This includes the parts of your story you prefer to lock away because it feels too painful to consider opening. 

This is where love and compassion come in to assist with processing and integrating what has been.  By cultivating the courage and capacity to uncover more of our true self, we generates spaciousness for more of what you want to experience.

Together we explore solutions

In our coaching relationship, I get the honour of standing as a pillar of self-love, wholeness, worthiness, interconnectedness, joy, safety, and much more! I do this through co-creating with you. 

Together we explore solutions, invite curiosity, new perspectives & opportunities to shift from the current way of being to an expanded embodiment of you.

To get there, I offer multiple lenses of encouragement, accountability, & resources with trauma sensitivity.

It's my honour to guide you back to you and uncover the answers within.  Often we've forgotten, or had experiences in life that offered us untruths that we accepted as truths.

Examples: "I'm unlovable", "I have to be perfect to be loved", "I'm too much", "I'm not enough", "I'm damaged", or "I'm a disappointment", "Nobody cares".  Together, we begin to unwrap this in a supportive environment that keeps you at the forefront of all that we do and how we BE.


I have a unique background with training in marriage and family therapy and life coaching.  My wiring is to see systems, the best in people, and where imbalance is happening in the masculine/feminine energies.

I have training in Thetahealing and Access Consciousness Bars and find this invites a perspective beyond what we can 'see'.  These techniques offer healing and transformation to happen on multidimensional levels that connects us with our authentic selves.  You may also be invited to use your creativity and tap into your senses using essential oils. 

Common Reasons People Are Looking

Common Reasons People Are Looking:

  • Feeling out of 'control' with thoughts/emotions/behavior: anxiety, stress, fear, anger, disconnection, worthiness, unlovable, overwhelmed
  • Seeking a deeper relationship with self and the outside world 
  • At a transition in life & want clarity & an action plan
  • Struggling in relationship and wanting tools to create more peace
  • Disconnected from Divinity.

Connection and creativity, something that we notice when we have it and miss it when it's gone.

"Creativity is the highest form of intelligence"
-Criss Jami. 

Survival energy

Many of us are stuck in survival energy. Here people are working as hard as they can, devoting their time and resources into just barely making it.

At this stage we feel overwhelmed, stressed, unworthy, exhausted, and struggling to access that which brings us joy.

When we spend too much time in this frantic way of being, we become weary. A person who is worn out, often has a lower immune system, lower self-esteem and is more likely to accept toxicity in their environment. 

Best suited for those who:

  • Forgotten how to be
  • Curious to have more safety in your body
  • Wanting more time for creativity
  • Desire connection with self and others
  • Ready to focus on self
  • Meditation is something you want to practice
  • Practical skills will encourage more joy

Couples coaching

Lastly, I have the privilege of offering couples coaching and workshops with my husband of 11+ years. 

We often find ourselves looking for couple's coaching, when there has been a break in trust and a hurt/hurts that is requiring more than a bandaid. When we find ourselves feeling so distant from our partner that we are uncertain of the way back. 

This unique collaboration  allows you to get a perspective from both the masculine and feminine. Together we invite a more holistic approach that offers you an opening to create even more richness, safety, intimacy, healthy communication and peace in your relationship(s).

We provide conflict resolution skills, information & resources about the masculine/feminine energy and behavioral patterns, activities to become more self-aware and less triggered by one another. Travis is a social worker and is training in the arts of hands on healing. 

Common reasons for couples coaching

Common Reasons Couples Begin:

  • Trust has been impacted by decisions, there is pain & uncertainty.
  • Safety has been compromised.

  • It has begun feeling like you are 'versus' each other rather than a team.
  • Intimacy has fizzled out and you're ready to heat it up!

  • You want communication skills.
  • Someone has moved out & separation/divorce is on the table.
  • Deepen understanding of masculine/feminine patterns.

Would you like to know more or make an appointment, feel free to contact me.


Online therapy

Sessions are available via Zoom, Facetime or Messenger

Qualifications and registrations

New Zealand Life Coaching; Auckland NZ    
  • Certificate in Breakthrough Life Coaching - Completion: Dec. 2017
  • Certificate in Abundance Coaching - Completion: Dec. 2017 

Appalachian State University; NC USA                                  
  • M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy - Graduation: Aug.  2009
  • Graduate Certificate in Addictions Counseling - Completion: Dec. 2009
  • Graduate Certificate in Expressive Arts Therapy - Completion: Aug. 2009

University of Central Missouri; MO USA                                
  • B.S. in Psychology with Minor in Child Development - Graduation: Dec. 2006

- Certified ThetaHealer - ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge



$120/session- Individual



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