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You're looking for psychotherapy in or near Wellington.

Psychotherapy aims to improve an individual's well-being and mental health, to and to improve relationships and social skills. There are several types of psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy is a general term that is used to describe the process of treating, resolving or mitigating troublesome behaviors, beliefs, compulsions, thoughts, or emotions, psychological disorders and mental distress.

Psychotherapy is used for issues such as anxiety, burnout, depression, fear, grief, stress, trauma.

We've supported a lot of people in and near Wellington with psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy in Wellington

(13 KM)
Catherine Sloan | Counsellor & Career Coach | Wellington (13 KM)
Counselling Career Coach Wellington, 32 The Terrace - Level 3 Room 8, 6011, Wellington
✓ I also offer online therapy

Hi, I'm Catherine, counsellor and career coach in Wellington. In my practice I support people to positively address challenges in their lives, including their career, to enable them to live with an empowered attitude and find the joy and fulfillment they are striving for.

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Psychotherapy between 1 and 25 km from Wellington

Counsellor-Lower Hutt
Lower Hutt
(22 KM)
Angela Morgenstern | Counsellor | Lower Hutt (22 KM)
Counselling Lower Hutt, 11 Hector Street, 5012, Lower Hutt
✓ I also offer online therapy

-Counselling Petone - Lower Hutt: I'm a compassionate and professional counsellor with more than 17 years of experience of helping people. I have successfully treated people with issues that range from minor to chronic problems, such as anxiety, depression, difficult life transitions, panic attacks, ptsd, relationship issues, low self esteem, sleep difficulties, stress, trauma.

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Psychotherapy between 25 and 50 km from Wellington

(30 KM)
Jane Weggery | Counsellor - Equine Facilitated Therapist | Porirua (30 KM)
Equine Facilitated Therapy Porirua - Wellington, 84A Flightys Road - Judgeford, Pauatahanui, 5381, Porirua

Kia Ora. My name is Jane Weggery and I practice Equine facilitated therapy from my property at Judgeford Pauatahanui. I have been working as a counsellor for nearly 10 years and offering Equine facilitated therapy for 9 years. I am a member of the ANZASW and SWRB. Registered with ACC.

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Psychotherapy between 50 and 100 km from Wellington

(63 KM)
Delia Brunel | Counsellor | Blenheim (63 KM)
Counselling Blenheim - Marlborough, 25 Alfred Street, 7201, Blenheim
✓ I also offer online therapy

I am a Marlborough based counsellor working in Private Practise in Blenheim.

I offer a warm relational, collaborative approach to promote personal growth and self-discovery using strength-based therapy. This is to enable change and to develop choice in response to life’s challenges.

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Online Therapists and counsellors for psychotherapy

Online-therapist---CBTi-New Zealand
New Zealand
(0 KM)
Jenn | Online therapist - CBTi | New Zealand (0 KM)
Online Insomnia Therapy & Sleep Consulting
✓ I also offer online therapy

Online Insomnia Therapy & Sleep Consulting: When you seek support for insomnia we will address the underlying causes of insomnia by combining Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) and relaxation training informed by yoga therapy.

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Counselling---Hypnotherapy---Life-Coach---Supervisor-New Zealand
New Zealand
(0 KM)
Joseph | Counselling - Hypnotherapy - Life Coach - Supervisor | New Zealand (0 KM)
Online counselling & online hypnotherapy
✓ I also offer online therapy

My name is Joseph. I'm an online counsellor, life coach and hypnotherapist. You're welcome for individual counselling & coaching, hypnotherapy, couples counselling and family therapy.

I offer online counselling using Zoom (or Skype).

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Online-Counselling---Online-Career-Coach-New Zealand
New Zealand
(0 KM)
Catherine | Online Counselling - Online Career Coach | New Zealand (0 KM)
Counselling Online Career Coach
✓ I also offer online therapy

Hi, I'm Catherine, online counsellor and online career coach. I support people to positively address challenges in their lives, including their career, to enable them to live with an empowered attitude and find the joy and fulfillment they are striving for. I have been doing skype sessions with for therapy sessions and career counselling.

Online counselling - online therapy - online coaching

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