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Life Coaching Auckland

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Life Coaching Auckland

Are you struggling to cope after the loss of a loved one or following a major change in your life? 

Are you at a crossroads in your life?  Perhaps childfree not by choice (CNBC) and wondering how your future might look

Do you feel like you’ve achieved little, or perhaps that there is little point in your life as it is at this moment?  

Do you feel unhappy, or that there is little happiness and joy in your life?  

Coaching was designed for these times in our lives to help give us perspective, help us find direction and give support through change.

I am a Life Coach specialising in happiness, grief and loss.  I work with clients who are struggling following acknowledgement that they will be unable to have the family they planned, or following a loss such as redundancy or retirement or a major life change such as divorce. 

What can I do to help you?


  • I will listen to you with compassion, understanding and without judgement

  • I will help you work through your own individual hurt

  • I will help you honour the life and legacy of a lost loved one

  • You hold the key to your future and freedom, I will assess with you where you are in your life now, and where you want to be

  • I will provide support, encouragement, motivation, hope and possibility for your future

  • I will help you approach your future with curiosity, work with you to live your life in the present, and see that your life matters, has meaning and purpose

  • I will help you identify your strengths, and work through limiting beliefs and barriers that might be holding you back

  • I will join you on your journey to take responsibility for your new life, by putting together an individually tailored plan to work towards living a more fulfilled life

  • I will work with you to put together a “tool box” of meditations and breathing techniques to use when emotions threaten to overwhelm, coping mechanisms, positive self-talk, affirmations, and accountability to yourself for your future life goals.

  • We may use hypnotherapy to support, amplify and reinforce change of negative behaviours and beliefs

What will be your benefit from coaching

  • You will regain love and respect for yourself

  • You will gain greater self-awareness, understanding more about who you are as a person, what drives you, what gives you joy, and how to find that joy

  • You will develop self-belief, find direction and purpose in your life

  • You will adopt a more outward focus on life, and less focus on yourself, which can help lessen the tendency to envy others for what they have and you don’t.  Envy doesn’t make us happier, and outward focus takes practice 

  • You will learn to approach your future with curiosity, allowing you to be more adventurous, take on new challenges, find new hobbies, possibly a career change, a wider social circle

  • You will hold the key to your future and freedom, this will no longer be dependent on others and external factors

  • If shame is holding you back, coaching will help you own the source of your embarrassment, and not be held back by it; you will gain empowerment

I am a certified Life Coach, and certified Grief to Gratitude Coach with ICF accreditation.  I also hold a Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy from the Integrative Hypnotherapy Institute.

I offer a 6 session coaching package “Kickstart Your Future” suitable for anyone looking to move from functioning to highly functioning.  I specialise in CNBC (childless not by choice), supporting clients that have been unable to have the family they planned, and are looking for support and guidance to plan their alternate future.  You can also add additional sessions as a top up, or to customise the package, or enrol on the "Reinforce Your Future" plan to underpin your future ambitions and support continued joy.

If you would like to discuss how coaching can help you personally, or want to make an appointment for a free discovery call, please contact me.


Online therapy

Auckland- sessions will be on Google Chat/FaceTime

Qualifications and registrations

  • Grief to Gratitude certified coach with ICF Accreditation
  • Career Academy Life coaching Cert
  • Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy- Integrative Hypnotherpay Institute 



Free 20 minute introductory session/$175 single session/package of 6 sessions $999


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