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3330 Taupo
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Therapist Taupo

My name is Carolyn Stock. I am a private practice therapist, located in Taupo.


I offer therapy for personal and relational wellbeing with the aim of assisting you to achieve the outcomes that matter to you.


While there are many reasons why a person may seek therapy, at the core of most issues and problems we have is a sense of being unable to be the person we want to be. We are most happy when we are able to express ourselves truly and therapy can assist with this.


One of the symptoms of being psychologically unwell is low levels of energy. We feel that life is too hard and we tire easily. We have all kinds of mental and emotional blocks that are standing in the way of our happiness and enjoyment of life. And we are susceptible to depression. Depression sets in when we are blocked in the expression of who we are and feel that we are unable to achieve or to have what we want in life. Therapy can be of assistance in finding a solution to issues such as these.


You are welcome to contact me with any enquiries you may have. I assure you of confidentiality and look forward to hearing from you.


Carolyn Stock

Opleidingen en registraties

Qualifications and registrations

  • 2009 Diploma of Hypnotherapy - Hypnosis New Zealand - HNZDH
  • 2007 Doctor of Philosophy - University of Waitako - PhD (The University of Waikato)
  • 2001 Bachelor of Social Sciences with honours - University of Waitako - BSocSc(Hons)
  • 2000 Bachelor of Social Sciences - University of Waitako - BSocSc(Psych)


Next to therapy I also offer Psychology classes.

If you would like to learn about psychology, I offer the following classes..

• Relationships, romance and love (Keys to assist you to create positive relationships).

• Personal individuation and wellbeing (The foundation for mental wellbeing).

• Psychology for parents and educators (How to cultivate wellbeing for your children).

• The psychology of beliefs (How to recognise and change limiting beliefs).


These classes are small group classes (2-3 people per class), and are held on an as required basis.


We can also incorporate these topics in personal therapy sessions.


Therapy sessions are $80.


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