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Married, but I feel lonely

Am a man of 41, married, no family (means not contact, is not option anymore), no friends (not even 1), some nice colleagues that are dear to me but they have their own life and that's it.

I am married, but I feel alone, lonely, different, a loser, a strange one.... I don't know what to do to change it. Just somebody to have a good conversation with seems impossible, I don't even know why I write this here now, what's the use...

lonely feeling

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I'm sorry to read that you feel so lonely.

When I read your story, a few things come up.

1) you write that you're married. How is the connection with your wife? Is there an open, honest communication? Do you talk about what keeps you busy?

If not, then it could already help a lot when you would start to do that. You might start to feel less lonely and feel more connected with your wife.

2) Do you have hobbies where you meet people? Maybe you can do sports? Go on a group holiday? Or sign in on a website to meet people?


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