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Angelika Barnes | Life Coaching - NLP

Corner Hardy Street and Church Street - 1st Floor
7010 Nelson
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Life Coaching Nelson

My name is Angelika. I am an NZ and Australia accredited Life Coach and also have 30 years of professional experience as a facilitator and coach. I deliver 1:1 sessions both for personal and professional growth.


Human Psychology, Psychodrama, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Improv Theatre, Non-Violent Communication as well as Emotional and Cultural Intelligence as well as my own life experience are areas I draw from, while coaching.


Working across all three economic sectors: public (education), private (tourism, finance), and voluntary, I have maintained my focus on empowering people. I have worked in both operational and people management positions. My life-long passion and involvement in Performing Arts have been a fitting scene to study communication and non-verbal communication, cultivate stage presence, and to perfect presenting skills.


I enjoy traveling and being in the outdoors on foot and by bike as well as camping with my lovely husband and good friends. I still get a real kick in partaking in the Art of Improvisational Theatre and Actor devised Films.



Resonate with

Do you resonate with:


  • Need for healthy work/life balance
  • Feeling anxious and under stress
  • Overwhelmed and frustrated


  • Hate your job and/or struggle with your manager or colleagues
  • Out of shape and unfit
  • Lacking confidence


  • Re-evaluating your life after a health scare or losing a loved one
  • Desire for a better daily life



Gain clarity and insight

Gain clarity on what is important to you in life!


Gain insight into what may currently prevent you from being in a better space!


Through dialogue with me, we will tease out a clearer picture of what drives you and what hinders you currently.


I will introduce you to powerful tools and techniques specific to your situation, so you can move forward with increased confidence and lead the life you are longing for.


Would you like to know more or make an appointment, feel free to contact me.




Qualifications and registrations

  • Certificate in Breakthrough Life Coaching and
  • Certificate in Abundance Coaching, accredited by Australian & NZ Institute Of Coaching
  • NLP Practitioner Training


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