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I am always afraid I am coming down with something

I am always afraid I am coming down with something. I feel pain everywhere. It is also like I get ill every time again. Or that something is coming up. My doctor says it's psychosomatic.

In the mean time I am often not able to go to work, or get out of bed at all. Then I have to stay home and I feel very sad for myself. Often I do not even go to see anybody anymore, because I think it is anyway no use.

Nobody understands it, also my family not. And the people at work think I am a poseur. I do not feel recognized, it's not like I am doing this on purpose!

Recognizable for someone? There must be more people feeling like this.

My house doctor advised me to do hypnotherapy. I will try it out, I am very motivated, because I want to get rid of this!


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