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I am afraid to drive a car

I am afraid to drive a car. When I drive, I often get ill. I think I am going to faint or worse and that I will lose control over the car and create a heavy accident.

When I have to drive the kids it is even worse, because I will bring them in danger too. A couple of times I really did not feel well and I had to pull over because I started to get dizzy.

Now I do not dare to drive anymore, only small distances. When I know that I have to drive a longer distance I start to feel tensed already days before. On the internet I read about panic attacks. I think I will have to find some kind of support for that.


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Hey there, I am so sorry to hear about your fear of driving I totally understand how you feel as I have suffered from this for a long time
It’s actually embarrassing as none of my friends or family have ever had the same issue. I would love to help you and tell you what i did to help me get over this fear.
I tried many different things and none worked as well!
I actually came across a video on YouTube that I followed and it worked really well.
Here is that link >>>

Click on the link above and when you get to the landing page, click where it says I am not a robot’ and then you will be sent to the YouTube video that will have the cure for your fear.
The best part is you don't need to buy anything just watch the video and follow the advice and tips it gives you.
I hope it helps, all the best!


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